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Thank you for your interest in exploring Bali and Indonesia.


Mava Holidays’ destination experts design and organize tours to Bali and the many islands donning the emerald Indonesian archipelago.

Our tailor-made programmes offer all our guests a feast of exotic cultures, centuries-old traditions and natural diversity.

At Mava we take pride in being different from the rest.

We do not cater to the mass, but focus on helping our guests steer clear of tourist traps and discover a side of our country that few visitors see:


            a glimpse of the life of a Balinese Royal family;

            witnessing Hindu festivals in a hideaway village;

            trekking Mt. Batur at dawn and experience a sunrise on top of the volcano,

            or enjoying a traditional massage near the confluence of two gently flowing rivers.


This is what we know and live for, bringing our guests into our home to have an unforgettable experience.

We designed this website to display a selection of recommended tours and activities for you to choose from.


We encourage you to take a look at this and speak to our specialists to decide on where to start your exploration.

We hope there’s something for every taste and occasion, and we are happy to make any customized program as per your request.


Enjoy your discovery,


Moses Huszar                               Margaretha Jasim                                                                                                                                 

General Manager                          Managing Director     



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